Transform Your Fine/Straight Hair To Sexy Bodified Hair

Rachael after bodifying her hair. Tamera adding the perfect makeup for the evening.

Those of us with frizzy, big hair spend hours trying to straighten our hair. We forget that our friends with fine straight hair are always fighting to find waves and body (you did not think I would forget about you…).  Watching master hair guru Rachael Lyon at Warren Tricomi style Alexia’s fine straight hair into a full bodied tasseled look, I had to ask her for pointers to pass on to my fine haired friends (and family).

Steps To Giving Fine Hair Body:

  1. kearistase hair productWash hair with a bodifiying/volumizing shampoo. Rachael likes Kerastase Densifique.  Always shampoo hair twice.
  2. Use a light conditioner only on the ends.  Then rinse out.
  3. Towel dry your hair and then apply a leave-in conditioner (the size of a dime) to the length of your hair but never at the roots (like Kerastase Ciment Thermique).
  4. Use a volumizer spray (like L’Oreal Pro Serie Expert Volumetry) or a mousse all over.
  5. Rough dry hair about 90 percent of the way, running hands through hair. This cuts down on drying time and adds volume.
  6. Starting with a 2 inch section with a medium sized round brush, finish drying that section.  Take the 2 inch section and wrap it around your fingers forming a circle (pin curl). Pen the hair at the root with a clip. Repeat until all hair is in pin curls.
  7. Spray with a light to medium hairspray all over and let hair cool for 5-10 minutes (while you put on make-up or get dressed).
  8. Remove pin curls and massage fingers scalp to finish the look.  You can always add extra hold hairspray.

Try any or all of the steps to make your hair amazing, bouncy and sexy.

To revive hair the next day:  Add Batiste Dry Shampoo, light hairspray and scrunch hair

Avery Tip: If you have frizzy hair this is not for you…