Repairing Alison’s Acne Scars Before the Wedding

Kate Somerville Complexion Correction

Repairing Allison’s acne scars in time for the wedding….This year when I asked my friend Allison what she wanted for her birthday, she asked for something to get rid of her acne scars because she just got engaged and was worried about pictures. My eyebrows went up and I thought…this problem may require laser treatment. I said that I would investigate. I spent time walking around my favorite beauty floor, investigating different products when I discovered Kate Somerville’s product line. I asked Kate Somerville representative what she used from the line. When she listed the Complexion Correction spot reducing concentrate product and said she used it to get rid of her acne scars. She gave me a couple of sample packets and I took them back to Allison…again skeptical but, it was free so why not try it.  She used it every day for two weeks and wow! It worked! Allison and I also discussed that for the occasional acne flare up, apply Mario Badescu as soon as you feel or see the spot to prevent I coming or produce clearer skin sooner

Tip:  When using Mario Baescu, do not mix it before using. Put the Q-Tip straight down to the bottom and then dot on the face. I like to use it at night.

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