Fabulous Lips for Spring Break

Great lips

The winter leaves my lips chapped and peeling, making it impossible to have fabulous lips or to wear lipstick without it looking clumpy.  To make my lips silky for spring galas or spring break,  I start out with a night-time scrub and moisturizer routine.  Depending how dry my lips are, I perform the routine 2 or 3 times for one week, leaving my lips smooth, silky and ready for a bold red or pink lipstick.

Fresh Lip ScrubExfoliate

As is a must with all dry skin, I start by exfoliating. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish is my go-to scrub for my lips. Sara Haap’s ‘The Lip Scrub’ is also nice. To use the scrub, apply a liberal amount to lips using a firm, circular motion. If I have time, I leave it on for 2-3 minutes. Then I wipe it off with a tissue or rinse with warm water (do not lick :)).

Sugar lip treatmentAdd A Lip Treatment

After exfoliating, apply a lip treatment. I recommend Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (the one with the SPF 15). It is an amazing lip balm treatment that is ultra nourishing. Use this lip balm every night and your lips will feel amazing. I do not recommend using this treatment in the morning unless you are not applying lip stick right away because it can make your lipstick smear.

The Final Product

Dior Addict LipstickAfter a few days of exfoliating and moisturizing, even the most chapped lips are left incredibly soft and smooth.  Your your lipstick will look great.  I keep Dior Oversize 685 lipstick in my purse.  By itself, it is a sheer pink and looks natural (even though in the tube it looks hot pink).  If I want to go for the stunning pink instead of the more natural look, I start with Chanel Vivid Rose lip liner and the color is amazing.

Tip from Jean:  Smile!  As men age, when they do not smile, they appear brooding.   As women age, when we do not smile, we look grumpy!  Also, smiling makes you  feel good.